Please join with your heart and spirit “I wish to live without wars,” which  asks for your solidarity on the Day of the People’s Peace on March 21, 2011, which is also the Afghan News Year’s Day.  We call everyone, anywhere, individually or in groups, to walk, plant trees or light candles in loving support of the mothers, youth and people of Afghanistan, as they walk, plant trees, and light candles to declare the peaceful wish of the People of Afghanistan to live without wars.

The walks we take, the trees we plant, and the candles we light are founded in humanity’s Love which declares,  “I live and love, so I shall not kill.”  This Love is the deep wish and yearning of all human beings to live together in freedom and peace, with decent livelihoods, and without wars. It is an indomitable love.


For centuries, the Powers of the world have jointly organized for wealth and war. Now, the People of the world need to jointly organize for Peace.


Walk freely, for spring is here!

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