The Frontiers International Peace Camps 2015

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2015 TF Peace Camp is coming!

The Frontiers is having our 16th Peace Camp this year. 

Even if you are not traveling with your family or friends, 

you still can have a special camp with friends who you meet on the journey. 

Here we go to the beautiful island of Aceh in Indonesia,

the colorful Hilla refugee school in Malaysia, 

and the gorgeous shiny beach of Okinawa in Japan. 

All different kinds of camps are waiting for you.


Selamat datang ke Aceh (Welcome to Aceh) : Aceh Peace Camp

Aceh is located at the far north-western area of Indonesia which faces the Indian ocean. From Banda Aceh, it takes two hours by boat to meet our beautiful-eyed island children. We are going to stay under the coconut trees together with these children and bake fish and cook food according to their ways. The peace school will be conducted together by us and awesome local youths who have overcome war, conflict and the tsunami disaster.

l Period: 9 August 2015 (Sun) to 23 August 2015 (Sun)

l Location and programs

-  Gathering at 3R (Youth volunteer training center) in Banda Aceh

-  Orientation, on-site training, team building with local participants

-  Peace Camp and School at Rinon and Lapeng villages in Pulau Aceh (Aceh Island)

-  Return back to 3R center, closing program, visiting local famous spots


Assalomu Aleykum ~ Hilla (Peace to You~ Hilla) : Malaysia Peace Camp

Did you hear the news that a fishing boat which was fully loaded with Rohingya refugees had been sunk? The UN Secretary General entreated for saving these people to the leaders of each country. Despite the appeal, most people were exiled back to the sea. It’s the reality. There are Rohingya and Afghan refugee children in Hilla School who have miraculously survived. They are studying at this school led by some local good neighbors. The camp will give another chance to delight and cheer them up.  

l Period: 10 August 2015 (Mon) to 17 August 2015 (Mon)

l Location and programs

-  Gathering at Ampang, Malaysia, on-site training and team building, teacher’s workshop

-  Hilla refugee school peace camp, peace festival, performance presentation

-  Closing program, visiting local famous spots


平和 キャンプ in : International Peace Camp in Okinawa

The East China Sea area including Korea, Japan and China has experienced conflict, and competition for domination is causing growing tension in the sea around us. We want to save the sea from armed conflict so we want to make peace island solidarity through the International Peace Camp. We started with peace camp in Gangjeong last year and will continue in Henoko, Okinawa this year. We want to be together with people in this island and build hope for a peaceful sea. All of you are invited.

l Period: 19 September, 2015 (Sat) to 22 September, 2015 (Tue)

l Location and programs

-  Gather at Nago City, Okinawa, Japan. Orientation and visit to historic sites of war

-  Ocean activities with kayaks and sit-ins at the Henoko U.S Marine base construction site

-  Peace and environmental programs, watching a documentary, cultural performance and peace concert


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 Join us for these camp

l  Participants’ qualifications: over 18 years and willing to serve people
throughout the programs.

l  Application deadline: 15 July, 2015

l  Apply by email to

l  All programs organized by The Frontiers
(Okinawa camp is conducted in cooperation with many organizations from Japan, Korea and Taiwan)

l  Contact information : The Frontiers Action Team +82-31-771-5072

- Okinawa Peace Camp: Kaia +82-10-7573-9987

- Aceh and Malaysia Camp: Shine Kim +82-10-6772-1656