2015 Aceh Peace Camp Place information 

Period: 9 Aug. ~ 22 Aug. 2015 

Place: Rinon and Lhapeng villages, Pulau Aceh 

Gathering place and date: 9 Aug at 3R Center
(address: Jl. Peukan Bada-Ulee Lheu, Dsn. Kp. Banda, Gampong Lam Lumpu, Kec. Peukan Bada, Aceh Besar NAD, Indonesia 23351)

Orientation: 9 ~ 11 Aug. at 3R Center

Move to camp site: The camp team will move to Aceh Island (Pulau Aceh) all together, and separate into two groups for Rinon and Rahping village. The whole camp program will be conducted in five teams.

[Rinon village]

1. Camp place: Rinon elementary school and middle school (Two schools are using one building.) 

2. Numbers of students: elementary 60, middle school 10

3. Condition of school

 Governmental school; the building was newly built. There are two residential teachers at the school. The other teachers are visiting 1 ~ 2 times a month. The principal also is not a resident at the village. 

4. Accommodation for participants: Teachers’ accommodation will be available to use during camp season. 

5. Preparation for meals: Well water is ready for showering and cooking. Fuel is firewood.

6. Toilet: Toilet is available to use but need to bring water from the well. (200m distance from accommodation)

[Lhapeng village]

1. Camp place: Lhapeng elementary School

2. Condition of school: 

 Although the school is a governmental school, there is no school building yet because the number of students is too small. Instead, the teacher’s accommodation is used as a class room. One residential teacher; Lhapeng village is the most isolated village in the island.

3. Accommodation for participants: they will stay at villagers’ houses near the school.

4. Water condition: Well water is ready for showering and cooking. Toilet is available same as Rinon.

Rinon and Lhapeng.png