1. Background


 Hilla Community Centre in Malaysia has an annual program named ‘Hilla Peace Camp’. The focus of Peace Camp is centered on peace building and empowering of children and teenagers to be self-motivated and to envision their futures. Hilla has conducted Peace Camp since 2009, and Hilla’s students’ attitudes and concern for others have improved in their daily lives. The camp also motivates them through artwork, games, play and many fun activities.

In Peace Camp, we invite various different ethnic, religious and national groups. It gives us a chance to recognize that we are all neighbors. We can be different and that is a good thing. For that reason, we plan to conduct this program for refugee students, stimulating them to be actively involved in school and encouraging them to overcome their tough circumstances.


2. What is Hilla School?hilla logo.jpg

Hilla Community Centre (School) is a place for some of the many refugees in Malaysia who are waiting to resettle in other countries. The focus of Hilla is to provide refugee children with basic education, as refugees are not allowed in government schools. Hilla also helps refugee children get ready for the challenges of resettlement. Currently, there are approximately 100 students. Hilla School wants to provide a joyful environment that can be a second home for the students.


3. General plan


1) Workshop for volunteers: 8 Aug (Mon) ~ 9 Aug (Tue)

2) Peace camp period:

- 10 Aug (Wed) ~ 12 Aug (Fri)   

- 13 Aug (Sat) Peace Festival

3) Venue: Hilla School at Ampang, Malaysia

4) Numbers of participants: Total 30

 - International 15, local 15, Students: 100

4. Volunteer workshop and pre-training_IMG_0184.JPG

1)  Orientation: one day in July (date will be fixed later)

2)  On-site training and teacher’s workshop in Malaysia:

- 8~9 Aug, 2016
   - Schedule planning and program introduction, learning new songs and motions,
      curriculum book sharing, planning for peace festival, etc.

3) Final check and rehearsal: 9 Aug, 2016

4) Peace School: 10 to 12 Aug, 2016

5) Performance day and Festival: 13 Aug, 2016

6) Camp evaluation and blessings: 13 Aug, 2016

7) Free time and farewell: 13~14 Aug, 2016


* Participant Fee for the camp: $120 USD paid at the site.

(Flight ticket and transportation costs are each participant’s responsibility. Check and book the ticket as soon as you decide to join in the camp.)

5. Schedule


6. Contact information


We at the Frontiers look forward to your participation in this peace camp. If you have any questions or suggestions, we’ll be happy to answer you.


Email. tfi@thefrontiers.org  

Phone. +82-31-771-5072

Website. www.thefrontiers.org

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