TFK statement on solidarity with Egypt

2011.02.14 16:07

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A (belated) statement of solidarity with the people of Egypt from The Frontiers Korea:

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Fellow Workers,

We are The Frontiers, international communities seeking through our lives to introduce peace to this world. We have received your call for solidarity and wish for you to know that we stand with you in your fight to have your voices heard in determining your future together. We especially join you in seeking an alternative to capitalist globalisation and salute your resolve and creativity as you attempt to live in and make a new world free from political and economic oppression.

You have already accomplished, against great odds, what many said was impossible. Your determination has proven the weakness of long entrenched power and imperialism. Just as you have been inspired by our courageous heros of the past, you have now joined them in the story we are making for the future. This is not the beginning, nor is it the end. As we celebrate with you, we hope to pass on the revolutionary spirit you have carried.

We wish to encourage you to stay united, sisters and brothers, and do not let the spirit of dissent rise up among you. It is only together that you have the strength to resist the powers. That is why we join you, comrades, in your struggle, because your liberation is intimately bound with ours. We, together, are the world. Let us join together to dream and work make those dreams realities.

Vive la revolution!

The Frontiers

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