The Frontiers (TF) began in 1993 as a small prayer group for the world. Since that time, The Frontiers has grown into a network of peacemaking communities aiming to give support for rehabilitation and hope for peace. 

The focus of our work is centered on peace building and reconciliation, helping to unite people separated physically, mentally and spiritually by war and violence. Additionally, our projects stress community living. We believe that living side by side with people in places torn apart by conflict is essential to both local restoration and a broader future peace. Thus we are not merely a developmental / educational organization but people attempting to live truthfully and simply in a world of lies, hatred, injustice, and greed. Our aim is to open up new possibilities for peace, locally and internationally, and envision together a new story of life.


Mission Statement:

The Frontiers is an International network of peace communities promoting reconciliation, nonviolence and solidarity with the oppressed.